European U-Space research will focus on U3/U4 services

The Eurpoean U-Space research market has recently moved its focus from the consolidated U1/U2 services towards finding solutions to the U3/U4 services. SESAR-JU recently published a report describing the state of the art of U-Space services and its coverage, based on consolidated results from 19 projects.

When it comes to Urban Air Mobility (UAM), SESAR has established the following main research areas:

  • Understand the whole picture of urban operations for the design of a single system able to support automated air transport services;
  • Extend drone operations beyond VLL to cover all kinds of aerial operations;
  • Develop collaborative decision making mechanism between operators, ATM and city authorities;
  • Develop a suitable risk assessment and airspace design and a comprehensive airspace architecture.

Eight projects have been already launched to address some of the future challenges. These projects will focus on establishing several concepts that will serve as foundation for U-Space operations such as setting a common altitude of reference or defining the inferface between U-Space and ATC.

More information about Urban Air Mobility and U-Space can be found in:

The SESAR JU report can be found in the link:

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