November 25, 2020

Work Packages

Metropolis 2 is divided into seven different workpackages that define the framework of the project and align with the project deliverables.

The management will guarantee correctness and punctuality in the execution of all of the activities, with a streamlined transfer of results but flexible vision in order to ensure that delays or deviations are kept to a minimum.

  • WP1 – Project Management will set up a detailed and adequate management structure and implement the required management processes for efficient and timely project execution. This workpackage will handle all organisational, legal, and financial issues during the course of the project and all administrative functions concerning reporting within the consortium and towards SESAR-JU. The assigned project manager will be the key contact person to liaison with SESAR-JU and with the External Advisory Board.

  • WP2 – Literature review of State of the art will consolidate results of preceding U-space projects and demonstrators to provide the basis for the Metropolis 2 work to build on and review international literature to identify the state of the art in concepts for high-density urban air traffic management.

  • WP3 – Analysis and trade-off will design a set of scenarios that covers all relevant use-cases for high-density urban airspace and set of metrics that is able to capture and compare the quality of the concepts. The main output will be the analysis the simulation results and the creation of a trade-off, selecting the most promising concept.

  • WP4 – Concept design will design three competing concepts for airspace rules, demand and capacity balancing, and separation management; taking a ground, hybrid, and airborne perspective. Futhermore, it will develop common technologies that are needed to define all concepts.

  • WP5 – Simulation testing will adapt the simulation environment for the execution of the simulation trials and execute those trials for each of the developed concepts.

  • WP6 – Validation will make preparations to enable real-world validation of the most promising concept, adapting Unifly’s U-space platform with the necessary adjustments for the validation. It will perform the validation trials; and analyze and report the outcomes of the validation exercise.

  • WP7 – Dissemination, communication, and exploitation will define the dissemination, communication and exploitation strategy; maximising achievement of the expected impact. WP7 will facilitate follow-up and exploitation, and share the results of the project with sibling projects. It will collaborate with related work in other countries and international organisations; and detail the communication objectives, strategy and channels.

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